Is your air conditioning system on the fritz? Is the sweltering summer air not doing your skin, hair, and well-being any good? Do you now spend too much time at the mall just to get an adequate amount of cool temperatures to touch your body? If you said yes to any (or all) of these questions, then you ought to have your air conditioning system at your home fixed by seasoned professionals.


Reliable air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services won't just help bring cold temperatures into your home, but you'll also get the friendliness, respect, and utmost professionals from the experts while they're doing what they do best. Having professionals install and take care of your air conditioning unit will help extend the life of your system while adhering to all codes, licenses, and laws.


We provide air conditioning services, air conditioning installation & air conditioning repairs of all major air conditioners in domestic and commercial applications within Sydney and the Northern Beaches.


Luxe Air Conditioning is an Australian small business that specialises in air conditioning design, installation and repairs in residential and commercial applications.


Founded by Blake who has a very active role in the business ensuring that his team meet his high quality standards on a day-to-day basis.


Blake has extensive experience throughout the industry having worked in Marine Refrigeration, HVAC services, Building Management Systems (BMS) Building Automation and finally where he found his niche in residential air conditioning after working with major home builders for others, now competitors.


Having a past of servicing air conditioning systems in some of Sydney`s largest cooperate high-rise buildings, residential builders and working directly with corporate clients, Blake felt as though something was missing in the residential market, and that to him was quality of service and workmanship. He brings his knowledge and experience to the residential market providing an air conditioning service that’s professional and hassle free with a pricing structure that beats major retailers.


If you’re in need of commercial air conditioning services you can rest assured that your still in safe hands. If your in need of residential air conditioning? Blake has got your covered and offers nothing but competitive pricing. As he ventured away from his career in air conditioning control`s and automation most of his clients have got him on board or involved with anything to do with air conditioning.


Why Choose Luxe Air?


Luxe Air is a Sydney based small business dedicated to providing affordable luxury to enhance Sydney sider`s daily lives.


• We provide comfort

• We provide healthy air

• Safe living conditions for your family

• Quiet air conditioning operation

• Efficient air conditioning systems

• We DON`T provide a box! We provide solutions!

• We provide a better quality of life!



Seasoned Professionals Helping You Through The Process


About Us

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Name: Luxe Air Conditioning

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mitsubishi electric air conditioning sydney
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